Shirdi Hotels online for divine Sai Baba temple darshan

Shirdi Hotels Online ?

As a ordinary Sai devotee i get satisfaction in inspiring sai devotees who plan shirdi trip to make their Shirdi Sai Baba darshan, a eternal divine moment of their life time.

Note that the contents of this site and photography of Saibaba is done with devotion on Sai and are strictly copyrights protected.

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Sai Baba of Shirdi :

See him as a Saint , a Guru from sacred india or a servant of God or God who lived in a little village called shirdi in maharastra’s sacred land of india. What ever way perceive Sai Baba, His presence in your life depends on the depth of faith you have on Sai.

If you always chant “Sai Sai Sai” with pure devotion on Sainath,  you will realize the presence of  Sai in some form, someone giving you the gift of Sai Baba photo, hearing a  sai bhajan unexpectedly or looking at a photo of Saibaba in the vehicle passing ahead of you. Oh Sainath, how can i, the most ignorant write your leelas and your presence in every living being as a consciousness bliss.

I offer my ego, pride , greediness , all wisdom in your holy feets.Bless me to guide your children to reach shirdi safe, get a good accomodation, have a great darshan in samadhi mandhir and Dwarakamai and be back home with blessings.

As its a small effort , atpresent i am only writing about the value of shirdi Sai Baba darshan . Please let the visitor understand its a humble effort with no much support and all i have is the support of Sainath. Let us , your children, ever be devoted to you

C. Venkat Raman

Lord Ganesha breaks the obstacles on your holy pilgrimage to Shirdi

Humbly worship Lord Ganesha to bless you and your family with Safe and peaceful Shirdi Journey, hotel accomodation , good food and blissful Sai Darshan.

Sai baba photography done by grace of Goddess Saraswathi to bless all who wish to travel Shirdi. Please note all photos,contents copyrights protected.  Its Sai baba statue of our house smiling at You.

Saibaba of Shirdi lives in your own heart & calls you to Shirdi at the right time

Saibaba of Shirdi lives in your own heart & calls you to Shirdi at the right time

Story Behind Shirdi hotels

I am jobless once again ! A week before on 23rd march 2009, my mothers birthday i launched this site with a thought to list some hotels in shirdi so as to earn a living . I did contacted a hotel and waited 4 days with a dilemma if i should really do this.

Sai Deva , let this also be a simple Service to Sai devotees willing to have your Darshan  :

Four days later :

Gradually i realized Sai Baba doesn’t want me to get in to such materialistic business as of now because unless i myself accompany a devotee i wont have control in making sure they are satisfied with their pilgrimage, so its better to simply guide a devotee with information as seva during my free time.

Its a beautiful thursday evening , i was reading Sai Satcharita and came across the experiences of devotees who had a good journey back home only if they listen to Sai Baba’s words. Though Sai has attained Samadhi , even today Sai devotees experience Darshan in shirdi based on their pure love and devotion on Sai Baba irrespective of the huge crowd.

I realized it won’t be nice to do a business where i have deals with hotels to help Sai devotees book these hotels because if they are not satisfied with the service and complain me,  i might have to feel sorry.

So i decided to simply use this website to provide useful information regarding experiencing shirdi spiritually and just keep links to travel website providing  such services. This way i don’t have to carry commercial responsibility but  remain as a Sai servant.

It is up to the devotee to choose Shirdi hotels through respective Shirdi Accomodation service providers, when ever someone mails me for personal guidance, IF i have time, i shall reply or please use this website only for learning how to experience shirdi peacefully.

Hope the Spiritual Articles for a peaceful shirdi experience inspires you friend.

C.Venkat Raman

( Note : Due to above decision, mails related to keeping links is not encouraged. Do not mail requesting adding your service  etc )

Continue reading below article written as a blessing for sai devotees who travel to Shirdi.

Goddess Durga bless us with pure thoughts :

I bow to Goddess Durga and my family God Lord Murugan for making this website useful for Sai Baba devotees planning for Shirdi Trip. I consider Goddess Durga as “Dwarakamai” who has to bless us with pure thoughts and actions during our journey to shirdi. Atleast when we go to shirdi, let us offer our bad habits, tendencies to sadguru Sainath .

Good thoughts and Humbleness being completely egoless will certainly bless you with peaceful Sai Darshan.

Shree Guru Dattatreya and Lord Surya

Guru of all Gurus, Dattatreya invisibly works to show us the right sadguru, Let us thank Datta for showing us a wonderful Guru like Sainath.

Lets humbly Bow to Surya deva for bathing us with rays of Sai blessings

Let us close our eyes and thank Goddess Saraswati for giving us wisdom to have darshan of Saint.

Since Sai wants us to live in harmony, let us also bow to Gods of all religion,Allah , Mother mary and Buddha.


Sai show us the right path to have your darshan :

I bow to Sadguru Sainath , Shree Guru Dattatreya and Goddess Mahalakshmi to show the right path to all whom i can be of help and whom i couldn’t , i am sure to the devotee who has immense love on Sai Baba, Sai himself will show them the right path, stay and darshan in Shirdi.

Sai Baba looking for you from holy Dwarakamai

Sai Baba looking for you from holy Dwarakamai, a sweet imagination of Sai's love on us

Guru darshan equals darshan of all the 33 crore forms of God :

There are so many holy towns in india surrounded by sacred Temples built by ancient kings .  Most of these temples are associated with stories of God and Goddess and even today numerous devotees are blessed by having a darshan of such Temples in india.

When there are so many Gods temple, why we go to have darshan of a Saint  like Sai Baba in shirdi. This is because a Saint shows us the right path towards God.

When you completely surrender yourself to Saint Sai Baba, he takes your life in his control.  Since a Sadguru ( True Guru ) alone can help us cross this wordly ocean and lead  life peacefully , A Guru is considered higher than God.

Sai baba of shirdi is the most powerful of all saints who pulls his devotees to his Samadhi mandhir in shirdi and his Dwarakamai where Sai spent over 60 years untill 1918 when he had his Samadhi.

Friend. You have done a good deed ( punya ) in your previous several births to come in contact with Sai Baba of Shirdi. If not you, your parents and grand parents would have accumulated lots of punya that finally you are pulled by Sai Baba for his darshan.

Sai pulls his children to shirdi like  sparrow Tied to a thread :

A Sai Darshan must not be forgotten due to the wordliness you will experience in shirdi like

the Crowd

you also add to the crowd. So don’t get upset with others who have come to see their Sai. Sai is for everyone.

Standing in que :

You have to stand in que. I sincerely pray sai to bless the Sick, the old and the little children get comfortable darshan irrespective of waiting in darshan que for long. Take it positively friend.

Every second you wait to see Sai is worth a billion dollars. Here dollars is Punya. You are blessed beyond what you can earn in this life. Sai alone knows what gift he has in store for you . So have patience , keep chanting SAI SAI SAI when you wait to have sai darshan.

Some discomfort in the bus , train, Flight, places of journey, during your stay or in shops , temple or from fellow devotees :

Ofcourse Sai is there but you have to suffer your karma, so here and there even if you face little discomforts don’t let your mind worry about it. Forget it immediately and remember How Sai helped people have peaceful stay in shirdi during his life time. Similarly Sai also will keep you happilly dear friend.

Not all have such problems but some devotees who face such distractions must immediately start to chant SAI SAI SAI or any mantra of Sai you like. Surely Sai will make you happy.

Beyond what ever you might face during your shirdi Pilgrimage, keep greatfully thanking Sai baba for he is the one who pulled you to Shirdi like a sparrow tied to thread.

Sai knows when to invite you to shirdi. Don't hurry,worry. Have shradha n saburi

Sai knows when to invite you to shirdi. Don't hurry,worry. Have shradha n saburi

The reason i specifically mention not to worry when you are willing to go shirdi but din’t got a proper opportunity or facing any obstacles is that Sai himself doesn’t like us worrying this way. During his life time when sai is sitting in Dwarakamai, Suddenly he will utter the following words ” i am not at Shirdi ”

The people sitting infront of Sai wil be wondering why Sai says hes not in shirdi when he is present there . His close devotees alone can understand that Sai means to Say

“Don’t try to see me as some saint living too far in the village called Shirdi. I am the inner ruler of your life seated in your own self . When ever and where ever you remember me, I am present there.”

This beauty of great saints being present in his devotees internally and showing their presence as soon as the devotee remembers his guru is termed as “Smartrugami” .

So always remember Sai, that is enough for your peaceful life. Be content with what you have and keep chanting Sai Sai Sai, read the life of Sai baba, Sai Satcharita and assimilate the stories of Sai Baba.

Sai himself will bless you with a good opportunity to visit Shirdi, have good accomodation and Darshan.

C.Venkat Raman

Always in the holy feets of Shirdi Sai Baba

Shirdi Hotels Online  :

Write to me

If  time permits , i write to Sai devotees needing any information regarding Shirdi Pilgrimage. Please remember, i do this only as seva  and might not have time to reply all emails. ( No request for links )

There’s a Internal Sai Darshan which matters more !

More articles helpful for Sai devotees in the days to come ! Our intention is to reach few sai children travelling shirdi to use their shirdi pilgrimage with utmost divine feeling rather than simply physically having darshan. So we shall try to guide Sai devotees through our words inspired by Sadguru Sainath &  Goddess Saraswati.

We believe Good words of devotion can help a Sai devotee realize the value of Sai Darshan in Shirdi.

Some guidance for first time Travellers to Shirdi :

The Sai Baba Sansthan maitains Shirdi Temple complex with high security. So mobile phones,cameras, bags etc must be kept in hotels or there are cloack rooms to keep these near temple if you are willing to stand in que to keep them and take them back.

Shirdi is always crowded but at times more !

Sai Baba is the only Saint who attracts his devotees to his samadhi in huge numbers. Sai used to tell to his close devotee Tarkad the following words

“Bhau, after i am gone, people will come to Shirdi Like ants looking at Sugar ”

During peak season like Ram Navami festival, Gurupurnima,  Vijaya dasami – Diwali Holidays, December last week to jan first week and almost every single Government holiday ,Thursday, Saturday, Sunday – These are the times when shirdi is going to be crowded . Ofcourse the Que for Darshan sometimes will take as little as one hour to an average of 2 hours to 6 hours.

Beautiful Statue of Sai Baba in Samadhi Mandhir temple :

You have to wait so long only for having Darshan of Samadhi Mandhir where you can have darshan of the beautiful Statue of Shri Sai Baba and Saibaba’s Samadhi. Its hard to touch the Samadhi now a days due to crowd, You can offer flowers but remember let your mind every chant Sai Sai Sai. Don’t be distracted by

come out to walk towards other small temples like Ganesha temple, Shiva temple, Gurusthan, Nandadeep, Lendi baugh and more.

The que for Dwarakamai will be small. So don’t have to worry much about it.. Its the masjid where Sai Baba lived for over 60 years is
the most sacred place in Shirdi.

Shirdi Sai Darshan depends on the time you choose to visit :

My Sai friends in Newyork and Australia can see Shirdi Sai Baba Live Darshan as and when they feel but who ever you are if you come to shirdi, Have some patience.

Sai Baba bless you with peace :

The reason i write about QUE and crowd is that few Sai devotees like me might expect a peaceful place when they go for Pilgrimage. When it comes to Shirdi, please ignore the crowd and remember Sai Baba and his life alone.  Try to feel peace internally.

How long to Stay in Shirdi :

Most of Sai devotees who live in mumbai and even far of places prefer to come shirdi for a day and go back the next day. Some of my close Sai friends Prefers to Stay 2 to 7 days.

Go places around Shirdi or remain there experiencing the Sai in you :

There are few places to go around Shirdi but i always request my sai friends to remain in shirdi itself and do a Parayan of the holy Book  Sai Satcharita, Guru Charitra or simply chant Sai Sai can pronounce sai as “Saayee” with affection.

Shirdi Hotels Online Booking Check list :

1. How far is the Hotel from Shirdi Sai Baba Temple complex.

2. Few Sai Devotees search for Hotels very close to Dwarakamai and temple but cummon, be practical. If the Hotel is situated with in 10 minutes walk , thats more than comfortable.

3. Most Hotels follow check in time policy strictly, For example if check in time is 12 afternoon and if you reach shirdi in the morning of the same day you might be charged. Not all do this but be ready to accept it.

4.There are many Shirdi Hotels reservation websites , try to search in , read Shirdi hotel reviews provided in shirdi hotels online booking websites or any travel reviews site and choose the best Hotel in Shirdi which suits your need.

5. Shirdi Hotels like any other pilgrim centers charges more during peak season and when ever crowd is more. So its better to confirm if everything is alright.

when you book Shirdi Hotels online clearly check if you entered the number of guests , exact date of check in and check out.

Sai bless you with peaceful Shirdi Darshan !


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