Coimbatore to Shirdi trains

Sairam friends,

I have tried to help few devotees who travel from chennai , mumbai and Delhi to shirdi and by sai grace now will write few words about Sainath and also basic guidance to travel from Coimbatore to Shirdi by train.

Please do not mail me regarding trains to shirdi etc. Its your responsiblity to check

Pilgrimage to Shirdi :

Shri Sai Baba is the crest jewel among Saints. Sai lived over 60 years in shirdi , untill he got Mahasamadhi ( 1918 ) . Shirdi is in Maharastra state, India.  Pilgrimage to shirdi is as sacred as pilgrimage to temples like Kashi,Rameshwaram.

Your shirdi trip must be filled with thoughts of Sai Baba, chantings his holy name Sai Sai Sai and reading Sai Satcharitra all the way singing saibaba’s leela. Baba has assured from his Dwarakamai

” Who ever steps shirdi soil, his sufferings would come to an end”

When ever you face obstacles in going to shirdi,  Light a lamp and keep chanting Sai Sai Sai with patience . Surely Sai pull you to shirdi at the right time.

Coimbatore to Shirdi trains  :

1. From Coimbatore  Train No : 1014,  LakamanyaTilak express starts at 8 A.M  and reaches bangalore at 15 : 10. From Bangalore Train number 2627 starts in the evening 19:20 and reaches Kopergaon next day afternoon at 13.45

2. From Coimbatore Train No : 1014  , Starts at 8. A.M and reaches Solapur next day morning at 5.30. From Solapur Train number : 2627 starts at 7.40 A.M and reaches Kopergaon by 13: 45 afternoon.

3.From Coimbatore Train No: 1014 starts at 8.A.M and reaches Daund next day morning at 9:15. .From Daund , Train No:  515 starts at 13 :00 in the afternoon and reaches Kopergaon at 17:35 in the evening.

You can also travel by Bus from Daund railway station to Ahmed Nagar and from there to Shirdi. ( 4 hour journey , not recommonded for devotees who travel alone )

Kopergaon is 17Kms from Shirdi . Take a share auto to shirdi for 30 rupees per person.

SaiBaba Sansthan’s Accomodation :

There are many Budget hotels in Shirdi approx Rs.600 per day. Try to get accomodation in Bhakti Nivas built by Saibaba Sansthan. Here, they charge only 150 rs per day for 4 people. Its hard to get accomodation at times due to crowd.  From 9 A.M to 9.P.M food is provided at the cost of 5  Rs.

Shirdi to Coimbatore Trains :

1. From Kopergaon ( only on wednesdays ) Train no : 6501 starts at 8:25 A.M and reaches Bangalore next day morning at 4.45 . From Bangalore Train No : 2677 starts at 6 :15 A.M and reaches coimbatore at 13:00

2.From Kopergaon Train No : 1334 starts at 17:20 evening and reaches Pune at 23:10 in the night. From Pune Train No : 1013 starts at 2:00 Late night and reaches Coimbatore next day morning at 6: 30 A.M. ( 29 hours journey )

3.From Shirdi bus stand, there are Bus to Daund railway station. From Daund Train No : 6381 starts at 20 :50 at night and reaches Manthralayam at 6.20 A.M . ( It reaches coimbatore at 00:15 )

Train names :

Register in and check for recent train timings and availability. Please don’t mail me for such inquiries .

1014 Lokamanya TT Exp

1013 – Coimbatore Exp

2627 – Karnataka Exp

2628 – Karnataka Exp

6501 – ADI SBC exp

2677 – Ernakulam exp

1334 – CSTM FAST Pass

6381 – Kanyakumari Exp.

Coimbatore to Shirdi Map –

The map shows Bus/Car route.I have tried to change like most train travels.

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