Dwarakamai, holy masjid in shirdi where Sai Baba lived

Om Ganeshaya Namaha

Dwarakamai , You can call it old Masjid or perceive her as Goddess Mahalakshmi ,Durga or you can simply say ” This old little masjid is where our Sai choosed to live during his life time in Shirdi “. What ever way you perceive her, Dwarakamai truely is the most sacred place in shirdi.

Even when you stand outside in the street and look in to the walls and Portrait of Sai Baba, you can feel Sai has made you come to Shirdi especially for this moment, The moment you breath the air near Dwarakamai.

A humble request to do a simple meditation remembering Sai Baba everyday

A humble request to do a simple meditation remembering Sai Baba everyday

Life of Simplicity : Sai lived in a old Masjid called “Dwarakamai”

How holy is our Sai, How simple is he. He choosed to live in this old Masjid for over 60 years untill his samadhi in 1918. It is only after our  Sai Baba has his Samadhi that the present Samadhi Mandhir became the place were Sai choosed to bless us through his divine grace.

Even the very sight of Dwarakamai will make you feel blissful. Oh yes . Forget the crowd,rush, your own hurry to finish darshan soon etc. Just look at the Holy Dwarakamai where our great Saint Sai Baba spent years leading a life of simplicity and a Life where all he did was spreading Love.

Sometimes we are allowed to climb the steps in Dwarakamai , be there few seconds in the Que, feel the warmth of Dhuni ( sacred fire Lit by Sai ) . How beautiful it is to enter the same holy Masjid where Sai Baba has done many divine leelas. To us these are leelas ( miracles ) but to sai , he always likes to show himself as a Humble servant of God and that he is just a witness to the events which happens by Grace of God.

Offer Dakshina along with  ego,lust, pride,greediness

What ever you offer to Sai , little money or flower or shawl do it with  pure thoughts to express your devotion :

Sai Baba used to get Dakshina during his life time, so do offer your Dakshina in the dakshina box kept in many places in samadi Mandhir , Dwarakamai and Chawdi. Let there be not even a slight thought that you “Give” something to Sai, let it be a humble offering which shows your devotion to Sai Baba.

Dwarakamai in Shirdi  : Exact Location :

Well, now lets continue to remember Dwarakamai . Dwarakamai is situated outside the temple complex  and most of the times, you might have to take a small que to have Darshan of this holy Masjid. Theres a Hanuman mandhir and Chawdi near Dwarakamai.

Affectionate & kind mother “Mai” :

Once in 2007 when i had been to shirdi and was just coming out of the steps of Dwarakamai, a devotee who’s new to sai faith patted me n my back and asked ” what’s this Dwarakamai ? ‘ . I replied this is where Sai lived for several years and came to be known as “Dwarakamai “. He said ” i thought it has something to do with Mai , like a presence of Goddess in this holy masjid”.

When we deeply realize why its called Dwarakamai, the term “Dwaraka” in sanskrit means opening – a Door. This holy masjid our sai choosed to live is open to All , people of all religion, caste , creed and countries are allowed to have darshan of Sai Baba . “Open to all” philosipically stressing the message of equality between rich and poor, educated and less educated, all are welcomed by Sai Baba with same love and affection.

The term “Mai” could mean the Motherly love of a Saint . A Sadguru’s Love is equal to crores of Motherly Love.

So Dwarakamai can be a spiritual door to a saint whos love on us is so intense that he makes us forget the world.

Sai Dhayana : Simple Meditation remembering Sai Baba

What ever you see physically in Shirdi and all holy places , try to understand the internal subtle meaning meant for your Soul. The moment you accepted Sai as your Guru and show your devotion on Sai Baba, that moment itself you have climbed the steps of Dwarakamai and felt under the holy feets of Shree Sai Baba .

Let us offer garland of Jasmine, Roses , lilly and Lotus in our imagination to Sainath beautifully sitting in his Holy Dwarakamai. Now close your eyes for a minute and imagine that you are in late 18th century, have gone to have darshan of Sai and do the offering of flowers , finally surrendering your body, mind and Soul to Sainath.

Sai, you know whats good for us. Bless us enormously

Om Sainathaya Namaha

C.Venkat Raman

23 : 03  2009

continued …

What ever means you choose to come shirdi, Where ever you Stay, The Dwarakamai Experience you get is the most precious :

There are some sai devotees who always prefers to stay in the Hotels near Dwarakamai . Trust me, don’t be too demanding to sai baba that this is what you want in shirdi. What ever comfort you get accept it , try to adjust little discomforts because its a place different kinds of people come togather.

Be assured which ever hotel you stay during your Shirdi Trip,the few seconds you spend looking at Dwarakamai is the most precious time for you in shirdi.

Try not to look at Dwarakamai with lots of desires, pains and worries. Atleast for few seconds feel the happiness you can get by surrendering your self to Sai Baba of Shirdi.

Surrendering to Sainath first means NOT to THINK :

The reason Sai always encourages Naam smaran ( chanting of Gods name ) is that our human mind can never stop thinking. Spiritually Thinking itself causes all problems in life.  Because when you go to Sai and think about the problems ahead of you or desires in you, the probability of it coming true or not immediately comes to mind. Then all the time you will only be praying or pleading to Sai rather than showing your pure love on Sai. So be totally submerged in divine feelings of Sai.

Mind always thinks, you can’t change this Habit. So instead of thinking keep chanting in mind any mantra of Sai or simply say Sai Sai Sai …

Story of a Sai Devotee chandrabai in 1918 :

This Mother Sai is knows all your past , present and future and will bless you with whats good for you.

Once during Sai babas life time, a devotee by name Chandrabhai was serving Sai Baba. Sai asked her ” Bhau, whats your hearts desire ? ” . She said ” Baba , you know whats my hearts desire. What is there for me to Say ? ” This chandrabhai though shes in her late 40’s wanted to have a child and be a mother. Sai knowing her desire blessed to have a child. Three years after Sai Baba’s samadhi , chandrabhai gave birth to a child in the year 1921.

How beautiful is the above leela of Sai Baba friends. So DON’T keep your MIND WORKING like machine when you are in shirdi.

Atleast the few seconds and minutes you spend infront of Dwarakamai or near Dwarakamai, fell free as if you have now kept all your burdens down. This is not a magician who works miracles. Sai has to bless you based on laws of Karma. So have shradha and Saburi.  ( Faith and patience ) .

Sai knows all your pains and desires friend.

Be Totally free as if all  your life , past, present and future ,your parents,grandparents, children, wife, friends, career, wealth, health and ofcourse every kind of desire is kept in the holy feets of Shirdi Sai Baba.


24 : 03: 2009