Shirdi Sai baba live Darshan

Sai ram friends,

You have come for Shirdi Sai Baba live Darshan ? Have a look at Shri Saibaba Sansthans official website. If you like to have a look at Photography of Shirdi Sai baba statue sai helped me do with saibaba statue in my house have a look at

The reason i wish many saibaba devotees read this article is that i want to spread the value of shirdi Sai Baba darshan amoung Sai devotees and consider their Shirdi pilgrimage as a very holy gift from Sai Baba himself.

Shirdi Saibaba Darshan  is a gift of your life time :

I actually made this page to create a Mumbai to Shirdi Map but some expereinces i had during my Shirdi pilgrimage made me write a article to express my humble views to stress how great is shirdi pilgrimage and darshan of our sweet Saint Sai Baba.

Sairam friends,

You can see Shirdi Map and route from Mumbai to shirdi, chennai to shirdi and Delhi to shirdi in various pages in this website but before that if you have ten minutes read the below article which can help you realize the value of your Shirdi Sai Baba Darshan.

Blessings for pure thoughts :

Sai bless your devotees to travel safely with pure thoughts during their Shirdi Pilgrimage.

Shirdi is not a tourist spot :

“Its a Holy land where many come with pains , worries, health problems, family problems, struggles in education , career etc.  Sai accepts even a evil person in his kingdom but saibaba expects us to surrender our bad habits,bad company and even bad thoughts to his holy feets .

Try to adjust with devotees – Let everyone have peaceful darshan :

Be egoless,be humble, try to adjust with other devotees and free from all your wrong intentions and desires. If theres a problem report to concerned authorities but make sure from yourside you are behaving according to Sai’s will.

The reason i want to write this is that its painful to express someone the scenes i used to come across when  i travel to shirdi , i wonder why i alone come across such uncultural activities. You can live in modern world , be in las vegas or think Mumbai as vegas but this is the

” Holy Village choosen by the greatest Saint of this universe to live and help hundreds of thousands of ordinary people who came to him seeking blessings”

Now it has become big town with star hotels,restaurants, coffee shop, cyber cafe, not to mention bars in the hotel. Friend, Middle class devotees like us who travel to shirdi will feel uncomfortable if some people behave in such a way that its a tourist spot in hill station.

If a Village became town does Sai accept your ego, lust , anger and greediness ?

Please Please… if you want to enjoy your holidays for expressing above durbudhi ( evil thoughts ) better go else where. Just because shirdi is a holy place where people won’t bother you , don’t take advantage of others ignorance.

What ever you do is Known to Sai, may be you are not bothering others but when you come shirdi with wrong intentions,

Be careful, you will go back safe in this journey but not in the ” journey of your life”.

Once during Sai Baba’s life time , a devotee hurted another and came to see Sai. Sai baba din’t allow him to enter dwarakamai saying ” hurting my child equals hurting me”.

Please forgive me because this article is not written for most of the good devotees. All are good children of Sai but it is our responsibility to humbly help each and everyone who comes to sai’s fold to behave according to Sai’s will.

Heart of Saint Sai Baba is like flower and ever forgiving :

It is said God will get angry on his devotee and curse him but a Sadhguru is so great that even a Sinner will be forgiven by him. Saints are greater than Gods as they never punish their devotees but surely the law of nature will give you good if you do good and surely you will experience bad results if you commit mistakes.

Friends, Shirdi will have new railway station, why not even a Airport in the years to come, may be few shopping malls, great star hotels and restaurants, Theme parks etc, but let us not forget how Sai baba lived during his life time.

Saibaba lived a very simple life :

1. Sai lived for years under the Neem tree not bothering the cold and hot climate.

2. When Saibaba choosed to live in Kandoba mandhir, though the priest Mahalsapathi invited him and  liked him, he objected him to stay in kandoba mandhir permanently as being a muslim fakir who might not believe in idol worship, mahalsapathi feared this fakir might cause damage to it  . So Sai choosed to live in old Masjid which then came to be known as “Dwarakamai ” .

Above information by book Reference – “Life of Sai Baba” by H.H. Narashimha swamiji who spread sai’s fame from 1934.

So this is a saint who beared insults,objection from few people of shirdi irrespective of having great powers.

3. When Dwarakamai was leaking of rain water, Sai objected repairing it and preferred to live in such poor condition . Sai said ” Poverty is kingship ”

Imagine how much we are hurting Sai when we expect more and more comfort during our shirdi pilgrimage but forget the core of all Saibabas teachings – To surrender our ego,lust,jealousy, greediness, desires in the feets of Guru and be blessed .

pray Sai Baba to bless you with peaceful Shirdi trip by lighting 2 lamps or candles in a tray in your hours infront of shirdi sai baba photo, Sai will help you plan your trip properly, for a comfortable stay in a nice hotel, glorious darshan in Samadhi mandhir, Lots of blessings in Holy dwarakamai, chawdi and maruthi temple.

Sai bless all his children with good thoughts, peace, harmony in family, good health, education and career.

Om Sainathaya Namah

C.Venkat Raman

30 :03: 2009 – Shirdi Sai Baba temple of humanity